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City Tavern Newcastle Tudor facade

About City Tavern and the team who run it

This iconic Newcastle building, situated at 10 Northumberland Road, was built in 1872 as stables/livery. Through its history, it has had many uses including office accommodation and a garage (Adams 1918-1922). In 1923 the front elevation was remodelled with the now-famous Tudor façade. From that date it was operated by a local company 'Carrick's Dairy Ltd.' (1925-1951), followed by a restaurant named Cottage Restaurant (1951-1959), then as the well known Carrick's Café (1959-1962). The premises remained as a café/restaurant between 1962 and 1971 under the ownership of Carrick's and was called Tilley's Café.

In 1971 the property became one of Newcastle's most famous pubs (City Tavern) and has since undergone several style and name changes. In spring 2014 City Tavern regained the original pub name and was transformed into the city's most sumptuous venue providing laid back comfort, good food, good ales, and good friends.


General Manager and Brand Ambassador - Tom

Tom is the ultimate ‘hipster techy dude’ and is never knowingly seen without at least one of his many devices to hand. Tom joined our management team in 2016 after a long spell as GM of a local well-respected bar & restaurant, quickly rising through the ranks before taking the reigns of City Tavern in Spring 2018 as General Manager. That receding hairline is no more and can be recognised as the bald one in the boozer.

Tom says “I was a customer at City Tavern and was drawn to the business because of the laid-back style and delivery of service".

City Tavern is the type of bar I like to drink in and has proved to be just as much fun on the opposite side of the bar”. Tom enjoys nothing more than working with his team in this unique brand, that being ‘City Tavern’.

Find out more about Tom here


Marketing Manager - Jamie

At 6’11” tall and sporting a Grisly Adams beard, Jamie truly is a man amongst men, albeit sporting tight jeans, a man bag and cowboy boots. Jamie’s talents include: highly qualified in silver service, barista trainer and cocktail aficionado to name but a few. Jamie is also an acclaimed interior designer and worked throughout the refurbishment of City Tavern on all aesthetic aspects of the project.

What can we say about Jamie, other than he is simply fabulous

Jamie brings a gentle air to City Tavern and is a huge hit with ‘ladies that lunch’ as well as being a great team player working closely alongside the management team.

Interesting Fact: Jamie’s great uncle is the one and only Tommy Cooper. Jamie also owns Tommy’s famous fez, which he wore on his last tragic performance where he died on stage. 


Accounts Manager - Rupert

Rupert, a 8-year old Airedale Terrier, is an enthusiastic member of the City Tavern team. He runs the company payroll and all matters to do with stock and cash reconciliation. Despite his tender age, he has a CV which is the envy of canine professionals throughout the North East.

Certified Public Accountant; valid license
Master's of Business Administration
Bachelor Degree in Accounting
Member; London School of Chartered Accountants

Rupert is a well-organised, pragmatic, and super loveable member of the back of house team at City Tavern. During his short time with us, he has demonstrated exemplary professional conduct at work, great communication skills and an excellent understanding of the Leisure Industry.

Rupert presides over account reconciliations; makes sure all supporting documents are in order, reviews all account entries then prepares a summary of recommendations. Leads and oversees the closing responsibilities of the accounting team; performance of all key tasks must be done within the prescribed time-frame.

When not literally chasing his tail, he periodically reviews all accounting guidelines, policies, and procedures; introduces amendments as necessary for the purpose of improving accuracy, risk control, and for timely reporting.

When not at work Rupert enjoys nothing more than licking his nads in the most inappropriate manner and the most inopportune times, often locking eyes if you happen to walk in on him.

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