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SaraGeneral Manager and Brand Ambassador - Tom

Tom is the ultimate ‘hipster techy dude’ and is never knowingly seen without at least one of his many devices to hand. Tom joined our management team in 2016 after a spell as GM of a local well-respected bar & restaurant, quickly rising through the ranks before taking the reigns of City Tavern in Spring 2018 as General Manager.

Tom says “I was a customer at City Tavern and was drawn to the business because of the laid-back style and delivery of service".

"City Tavern is the type of bar I like to drink in and has proved to be just as much fun on the opposite side of the bar". Tom enjoys nothing more than working with his team in this unique brand, that being ‘City Tavern’.

Interesting stuff

Having studied film studies and movie production, Tom started writing reviews on small budget art-house films. Today Tom ghost-writes for some of our leading film critics. Next time you’re deciding which film to watch at the cinema, it’s just possible the review was penned by the same man who just served you a perfect pint at the bar. With Tom’s literary and artistic acumen it’s no surprise to find he comes from a talented family including none other than the famous local photographer Walter Percy Collier.

Tom the egg chaser

In his youth Tom played rugby at quite a high level. Today he still keeps his hand in, playing for his local team whenever he finds the time. Tom is also an avid follower American football. Funny shaped balls and Tom really do go hand-in- hand.

Funny story

At the age of 19 (whilst on a night out with his mates) Tom was challenged to a dare, which, if he carried it out, would land him two free pints. Tom, being a little inebriated, took the challenge and proceeded to launch himself into a large bush of stinging nettles. Success! Tom got his free pints two weeks later after he was discharged from hospital. A lesson learned? probably not knowing Tom as we do. Thankfully Tom’s scars are barely visible and he is able to lead an almost normal life, and all for a couple of pints!

Tom gets married to his fiancée Lola this year (2018) in the beautiful City of Seville, Spain, from where Lola hails. Tom and Lola fell in love shortly after Tom employed her as a Bar Server, a cardinal sin in the licensed trade, but a sin with a very happy ending.

Favourite food 

Spanish cuisine (no surprise there), plus good home-made burgers. Tom counts himself as something of a burger expert and rates City Taverns burgers a solid nine out of ten. High praise from a man who has sampled some of the best burgers around the world.

Favourite tipple

Yamazaki 18 year. We only stock the 12 year, but he’s working on that.

Aspiring to owning his own business one day, Tom already has entrepreneurial wisdom on his side and adheres to his own business advice: “Always be willing to learn from your peers. Look after your staff and they will look after you (and your business)”.

Tom bravely admits to being a ‘gamer’ and likes nothing more than being a couch potato playing World of Warcraft and League of Legends. Shame, his profile was going so well, but I guess we can forgive him as everyone does have at least one major defect of character.

Finally, Tom is a dog lover and has two adorable labradoodles, Lola and Nel. You can find photos of Lola and Nel here

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