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Clementine & Bay Gin
Clementine & Bay Gin
Clementine & Bay Gin
Clementine & Bay Gin
Clementine & Bay Gin
Clementine & Bay Gin
Clementine & Bay Gin



Clementine & Bay Gin

Sweet Orange Oil / Fresh Bay / Juniper / Pine

50cl / 41.6% ABV / 20.8 units per 50cl / distilled in partnership with Poetic License

Available by the bottle (20 measures) plus two servings of Fever Tree Light Mediterranean Tonic, two eco paper cups and dried botanicals to garnish.

Perfect Serve: 50ml (double measure) of City Tavern ‘Clementine & Bay’ over ice / Fever Tree Light Mediterranean Tonic / Orange Slice / Pink Peppercorns / Bay Leaf

Our gin journey...

We opened the doors of City Tavern eight years ago with one of the largest selections of world gin in the city. The popularity of gin continued to grow, so too did our gin list. Today we boast over 100 gins, and we’ve become quite knowledgeable about this ever evolving and versatile liquor. So, in 2019 we began the process of creating our own gin concoction and through talking to our customers and analysing the most heady and popular botanicals we came up with City Tavern ‘Old Tom’ and ‘Clementine & Bay’ gins. The project stalled when the pandemic struck, but with the help of distillers Poetic License we’re back in the game.

α-Pinene is a naturally occurring organic compound found in the oils of many species of plants, notably juniper, pine, bay, and orange (clementine). The flavour profile of alpha-pinene is sharp with hints of cedarwood. This beautifully rich concoction of flavours is most evident in City Tavern unoaked ‘Old Tom’ gin with its origins dating back to the 1800’s. The added infusion of rose petals creates a sweet note to this bold, peppery gin.

City TavernOld Tom’ is a true gin lovers’ gin! Next, take the α-Pinene botanicals of juniper and its pine buzz, add the sweet zing of another α-Pinene botanical (clementine) and finish
with the calming note of bay leaves from our very own bay trees and you have City Tavern

Clementine & Bay’ gin. Two extraordinary gins that you won’t find anywhere else on the planet. Lovingly small batch distilled locally for City Tavern

α-Pinene health benefits: Healers have used a-pinene for centuries. They’d scrape bark from coniferous trees, add oils from oranges and make a resin, then use this to treat people with congestion, parasitic infections and as an anti-inflammatory . The Dutch would also make healing tonics with juniper berries. Recent research has also shown that alpha-pinene seems to arrest some cancer cell growth.

However, the benefits of α-Pinene must be considered in the context of alcohol consumption, which, by its very nature, can be
detrimental to health... please drink responsibly

α-Pinene as a potential memory aid: A study has suggested that a phenomenon known as the ‘entourage effect’ has been linked to α-Pinene, providing therapeutic benefits including the ability to boost your memory (enhanced concentration).

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