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SaraHead Chef - Dom

Monozygotic Polyglot (all will be explained) and down-to-earth Cheshire lad Dom joined the kitchen team three years ago and quickly rose through the ranks to become Head Chef. Dom is passionate about all food, but his true food heaven is fish. Dom is a fisherman and an accomplished fish chef. He likes nothing more than tackling a whole salmon from catch to platter. In fact Dom has been known to re-arrange the kitchen rota so he can be at work on his day off if someone has ordered a dressed salmon from the fork buffet menu. Dom’s passion for fish does come at a price: to date we have purchased literally dozens of copper fish kettles, pans, snazzy fish paraphernalia, plus a multitude of cheffy fish knives. Money well spent as Dom’s latest Asian salmon dish is proving to be a great success.

Dom the daredevil

Extreme sports including downhill mountain biking, bungee jumping, zorbing, BMX and abseiling have all been attempted, if not mastered, by our intrepid thrill seeker, usually without any adverse repercussions, but not always (read on).

Interesting stuff

Dom is multilingual (a Polyglot to be precise). He is also an identical twin. Stories of swapping girlfriends, cheating at exams, and generally exploiting his siblings’s unique likeness abound. However, Dom has never thrown a sickie and asked his monozygotic (or identical twin) brother to fill his shift, or we sincerely hope he hasn’t there anything you’d like to tell us Dom?

Funny story

To celebrate his birthday, Dom and a bunch of his pals went go-carting one evening, but not until they had visited several hostelries and drank way too much beer. The first we knew was when we received a phonecall from Dom explaining he’d shattered his patella (kneecap) in seven places. Dom spent three weeks in hospital and was laid up for a total of four months before he was able to return to work sporting his new bionic leg which he is still trying to get the hang of. Six million dollar man, probably not. Fun loving chef with a wonky leg, deffo.

Favourite food

Well it has to be fish… When Dom eats at City Tavern his usual order is home-made spiced fishcakes to start, followed by steamed mussels in tomato and chorizo sauce. After a night out with his mates it has to be kebabs obviously.

Favourite tipple

Italian lager, Birra Moretti to be precise. Very simply, if you don’t sell Birra Moretti Dom wont be one of your customers. Fortunately we do sell it, or maybe that should be unfortunately judging by Dom’s history of mixing alcohol and high-speed stunts.

A bit more trivia

Before training as a chef, Dom went to college for three years studying to be a mechanic, at the end of which he landed a job at a local mechanics shop in his hometown of Crewe. All was going well until he was spotted by a casting scout from ITV looking for people to go on a new light entertainment (or should that be base entertainment) show called ‘World’s Worst Garages’. Excited Dom agreed to take part, but omitted to tell his boss that he was going to open up his home garage (packed with an abysmal collection of car parts and old bald tyres) to the viewing public. When it was aired his boss was horrified when Dom name-checked his employers business. The following day newly unemployed Dom decided perhaps life as a Grease Monkey wasn’t for him so decided to re-train… The rest, as they say, is history.

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