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SaraBar Supervisor / Team Leader - Alice

Lincolnshire born ‘smiley’ Alice came to Newcastle to study film production at Northumbria, where, during her time at Uni she joined the team at City Tavern as a part-time bar server. Alice soon rose to a management position and has been in the Team Leader role since summer 2017.

The Oscars await

When not working at City Tavern Alice writes, specifically screenplays, short films and TV pilots. Alice landed a placement in 2017 at the London entertainment production company Brown Eyed Boy: who pride themselves on “Our Sense of Mischief!” Alice is currently working on a script for a gritty dark comedy set against the underworld backdrop of drug running British mafiosa. Alice’s script will be judged by the Young Scriptwriters Guild later this year …here’s wishing Alice every success from all at City Tavern.

Interesting stuff

By Royal Appointment: Alice took part in musical review at high school playing the part of the lead ‘Blues Girl’ in their rendition of the famous Blues Brothers number ‘Everybody Needs Somebody’. In the audience was a special guest, none other than the Prince of Wales! It is well reported that Charlie has an eye for the ladies and by all accounts the Prince was somewhat enamoured not only by Alice’s singing prowess, but also her now famous smile.

Funny story

At the tender age of nine, Alice visited Wicksteed Fun Park with her family. They all hired canoes and set sail on the enormous lake. Fearless Alice, ignoring shouts from her parents, paddled way beyond the safe limit signs and ended up stranded deep inside an inaccessible island of water rushes far from the shore. It took the emergency services (coast-guard) over an hour to eventually get Alice back to safety. This frightening experience has done nothing to stop Alice doing really daft things on occasions.


Favourite food 

Although Alice isn’t vegetarian, she does love the veggie fish and chips at City Tavern. Since working alongside her colleague Euklid, Alice now likes nothing more than to sample his Greek cooking when ever she is invited to his house for dinner.

Favourite tipple

Tea, tea, and more tea, but when Alice isn’t drinking tea she enjoys the occasional pint of cider. Her favourite cider is our very own brew: Hector’s Cloudy House. Alice, the ultimate party animal, can always be found in the thick of any work socials. It only really becomes a proper City Tavern party if Alice is there, and obviously not drinking tea!

A bit more trivia

She’s into modern folk music, regularly practices ashtanga yoga, is a prolific reader of the classics, a huge fan of film directors such as Wes Anderson, David Lynch and Martin Scorsese, but above all is much loved within the team at City Tavern.

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