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Hailing from Athens, Euklid is far from the stereotypical fiery Greek, being laid back, personable and ‘getting along with everyone’ (customers and staff alike). Euklid’s musical taste is stuff of legend at City Tavern, enjoying nothing more than playing his favourite genre of music before we open the doors, that being Indi and Brit-Pop.

From bars to the stars…

When Euklid isn’t working at City Tavern he studies Aerospace Engineering at Northumbria University. Next stop: Astrophysics at Oxford Uni. Euklid is a ‘people person’ and great all rounder, both at City Tavern and outside work. Sport plays a big part in Euklid’s life. What he doesn’t know about his sporting legends such as Vassilis Spanoulis, who plays basketball for Olympiaco isn’t worth knowing, but Euklid’s heart lies in his own sport, soccer in which he excels and very nearly became his profession as well as his passion (read on).

Interesting stuff

Euklid, being a talented footballer, was spotted by a scout from Juventis whilst playing for his high school team in Athens and went on to attend trials at the World famous club. Unfortunately, Juventis’ interest in the midfielders talents came about at a crucial point in Euklid’s high school education and decisions needed to be made. Euklid had a tough choice - follow his dream, or follow his dream? Pragmatic Euklid chose to continue studying towards his ultimate goal of becoming an Astrophysicist. Who knows, if Euklid had chosen to strive for stardom rather than for the stars he just may have been playing for Massimiliano Allegri today. A lost opportunity at Juventis’ perhaps? but definitely City Tavern’s gain. Another interesting fact: Euklid’s father is an extremely well respected high ranking soldier in the Greek Army.

Funny story

Whilst on holiday in Santorini, Euklid thought drinking all day in the sun and then relaxing on an airbed in the sea listening to Blur and Oasis was a good idea. How wrong he was: when Euklid woke up with a sore head and burned to a crisp he began analysing his situation. The first thing he noticed was the sea, turning around there too was the sea. In fact, no matter which direction he looked there was nothing to see but sea! After almost an hour of frantic paddling, totally exhausted and de-hydrated, our intrepid mariner touched down on terra-firma. So, what did he do, well, in inimitable Euklid style he found the nearest beach bar to quench his thirst, not with water, but with more holiday loopy juice. Well done Euklid, but please take better care of yourself when on your hols in future!

Favourite food 

Not surprisingly Euklid loves traditional Greek fayre and you will often see him digging into one of our Greek Mezzes. However, Euklid, being fastidious in all things, is keen to point out that strictly speaking hummus is not a Greek dish. That aside, we’ve never seen him leave any hummus on his plate. We do like to give our customers what they want, even if that means mixing it up a little on our sharing planks. Euklid is also a great cook. His colleagues love going to his house where he prides himself on making ‘the best’ kebabs with traditional Greek tzatziki and olives marinated in his secret recipe of herbs and spices… come on Euklid, share the love and we’ll make them for our customers at City Tavern.

Favourite tipple

Euklid is a true ‘world drinks connoisseur’. Top drinks: Irish Stout, Mexican Tequila and Scotch Whisky. Caution is advised if imbibing with Euklid as it can get a bit messy!

We know we don’t have Euklid forever at City Tavern, but until he either becomes a world class soccer star, or an acclaimed Astrophysicist, he’s with us for now to share his warm humour with everyone.


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